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How To: Pick A Password

Given the news these days, I wouldn't be surprised if you're worried about your data security these days. Well if you are, you're in luck. How-To Geek offers advice for how to pick the perfect password.

How To: Generating a RegEx

Need help structuring or understanding Regular Expressions (RegEx)? RegEx Hero is a neat tool for generating .NET RegEx code, but it can be hard to set up. RegExr is a more generic RegEx help site.

How To: Dual-Boot a Windows PC

Though I am a fan of using Arch Linux because it is cleaner. simpler and more fun; for beginners, it's not really the best Linux distribution. If you've been thinking about trying Linux, try Ubuntu or Mint.

How To: Reverse SSH Tunnelling

SSH (Secure Shell) is a common, open-source protocol to access 1 computer from another. However, if you don't have a static, outward-facing IP address with the right port settings, it won't work.

How To: Through-Hole Soldering

Maybe you're new to soldering or maybe your technique could use some refreshing. This article by SparkFun is a helpful way to learn/review the basics.

How To: DIY Benchtop Power Supply

Thinking about throwing away that old Desktop PC? Not so fast!!! With this and possibly some personal touches, you can make your own power supply.

Hobbies, Clubs, & Organizations - Oh My!

Computer Club @ WMU

As mentioned in my bio, I attended Western Michigan University where I learned much of my computing-related knowledge. While at WMU I was an active member of the Computer Club at WMU.

WIDR FM - WMU Student Radio

I've always loved music and in college, I was an active member, technical advisor, and a DJ at WIDR FM. Because I no longer live in Kalamazoo due to work, I was not able to keep doing my show "A Cup of Joe".

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